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Hampi and Jog waterfalls

Posted by pabmohan on 08/01/2008

After the great trip to Vizag… was the time for another trip. So we all four chaddi buddies went to Hampi and Jog waterfalls in Karnataka. This was another great trip. Hampi has great historical importance and Jog Waterfalls is highest plunge waterfall.

StartWe started from Begumpet station (Hyderabad) and reached Hospet at around 5 am. The mistake we did is we didnt book any room. Searched each and every hotels and lodge in Hospet. Finally got a room in one of the finest hotel in Hospet (Siddhartha Residency), the rooms are good here and the Resto called Purple Grass is also good. However other good Hotels are the Malligi and Priyadarshini. We hired a cab (Tata Indica) who took Rs.1400 to take us to Kiskindha Resort (about 30KM from Hospet), Hampi and the Tungbhadra Dam. The Kiskindha Resort was waste, and that was a waste of money and time. Some swimming pools and regular resort stuffs are there. After this we went straight to Hampi. As it was already 1 pm we headed to a conceptual eatery called “Mango Tree”. The food and the ambience are great here.  You need to sit on the floor and all types of food is available. After pet puja we started to rediscover hampi and the first pit stop was Krishna Temple, a old temple with no idols, I guess the idols are kept in some museum. there are lots and lots of similar kind of temples which are a step away from each one.

The only place where there is entry fee is the Royal Enclosure where you will find the Lotus Mahal, one museum and similar kind of stuffs.

Lotus MahalThe only thing we left was the Vithala temple where the chariot temple like the famous konark temple of Orissa. However, I did see this one also on the last day beacuse of my bro who is working in JSW steels, Vidyanagar(Torugulu) situated some 20 kms from Hampi.

Next we started for Tungbhadra Dam which is around 10km from Hospet, it is one of the big dam and beautiful park has been to built. One of the tourist attractions. The day one ends here and we retired after having a great dinner at “Purple Grass” at Siddhartha residency.

DAY 2:

  As planned early morning, after our breakfast we started for Shimoga for our next destination the famous Jog waterfalls. Boarded a local state bus and that 5 hour journey was bit boring in the last hours.Jog Falls is around 112 KMs from shimoga and as per our research, staying in Shimoga is best. After having a lunch (non-Veggie) near the bus stop, we took a three bed room in Ashoka (hope I am correct). Rest of the day was time pass, and we had to watch ManU match, as we had a hardcore ManU fan Mr G Sai Ramesh (Jane), he watched the match wearing the ManU T-shirt which was brought by Happy from UK. Now one can imagine the love for ManU. If you are not able to get what ManU is its  Manchester United football team. However the only productive thing we did is we arranged a cab who was going to take Rs. 5 per KM, and found out that there is elephant safari and Lion Safari near Shimoga.


Doongi RideNow this was my best day of tour, early morning after the breakfast we started for Elephant safari, but after reaching the place we found out that this is nothing but a place where the elephants come to take bath, maybe of forest department. Here Happy’s wish to ride on a Dungi came true. Rest of the time we saw chota hathi, bada haathi, do dant wala hathi, ek dant wala hathi 😀 . Also haathi doing pootii.


After this Haati, we headed for the Lion and Tiger Safari which is on the way to Jog Falls about 20 KM from Shimoga I guess. A bit boring but okay. Safari where Lions and Tigers are left open and we are inside a cage like Bus.

 Next we started for Jog Falls. The nearest town is Sagara where we had our lunch. It is some 15 KM from Jog Falls ( not sure). We were told by the driver that there is no water, the best time to go is between July to Sep. However there was some water falling down. The only plus point of this less water was we could go down 830 Feet. Did a Jog Fallsbig mistake to choose the route to go down. Although there was a way, without knowing we started trekking down and when about 70% down, could not go further down as that was bit dangerous, and again reaching top was tooo tiring, it was like getting a new life when we finally reached the top. This reminds of something:

Khudi ko kar buland itna….ki chad ja uper jaise taise….

Khuda phir bande se puuche…

Abbbe ab utrega kaise……

(Here “Uper” can be replaced by “neeche” in our case 😀 )

Jog FallsHowever I was very much determined to reach the bottom, and pursuaded to my friends that we will only go 1/2 hr down and then will come back. So after gaining the required energy we headed down to the base of Jog Falls from way made of stone steps. However reached the base in a record time of 20 mins. Spent around 20 min there and again reached the top, that also in record time of 35 mins. However when we were around 20% up, KD bhai got to know that he has forgot his watch (As usual) 🙂 , luckily he got his watch. After reaching the top and a brief break we heade back.Bottom view

The main reason I came to Hampi and Jog Falls was to meet my brother, who stays in Torugalu (Vidyanagar) a JSW Steel township. Same night I boarded a bus to Bellary leaving others at Shimoga. A beautiful township is made by JSW Steel here.

While going to Hospet from Vidyanagar saw the Vithala Temple in Hampi, which we could not see on the first day. Had a great lunch in Malligi Hotel in Hospet and we all headed back to Hyderbad. This ends the great trip. More pics please click here.


21 Responses to “Hampi and Jog waterfalls”

  1. manju said


  2. Harsha said

    Very nice description. Thanks for the info. We are planning to visit Jog Falls and also cover nearby places in 4 days (15-18 Aug). Am picking up pointers from your blog. Thanks again.

  3. pabmohan said

    Good to know that….u have choosen the right time…as water may be in full flow….have a great journey

  4. anant joglekar said


    planning to go on 15 to 17 Aug. By car .

    Thanks 4 info. 🙂

    Can u pls. mail me in details about affordable Hotels to live in Hampi – Hospet area.

    Anant Joglekar

  5. anant joglekar said

  6. pabmohan said

    In Hampi you may try Sidhartha, Priyadarshini or Maligi where I stayed, its a good one but do book before, as you are going in somewhat holiday season….

    Shimoga u might get rooms easily, I stayed in some Ashoka I guess, it was some 50mts from bus stand.

    Jog falls will be on full flow, have a great trip and do send the pics 🙂

  7. Umesh said

    Nice description in a different words. good. In these pics jog falls water is less. better takes the pic in the month of July or August. and cover the some places near to Jog like siganduru. honnemaradu . keladi, ikkeri. etc

  8. pabmohan said

    Yes correct, and thanks, will check out the places.

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  11. Ganesh said

    Thanks for the info.. it is very helpful… Do make such trips at regular intervals and keep us updated.

    Thanks again..

  12. pabmohan said

    most welcome…

  13. suryatej said

    very nice dude..found ur blog while searching for waterfalls in india…very well written

  14. pabmohan said

    Thanks a lot… 😆

  15. Neels said

    Very nice description. Thanks for the info. but i want know the expence of hotel in Hospet

  16. pabmohan said

    As far as I remember it was 400 to 500 rs per day

  17. Santhosh said

    In Hampi, Never rent bicycles/scooters/bikes from GOPI Bicycle Rentals which is located very close to virupaksha temple. They operate as a network. More than 5 to 6 men work for him. They provide bicycles/scooters/bikes to you an economical rental price as displayed in the websites. However prices vary greatly for an Indian to a foreigner.

    Moreover here is what they do:

    Happily after renting is your exploration of various temples/monuments at Hampi. You get involved yourself in to the beautiful architectures of Hampi. It eventually takes a toll of your conscious awareness of the present. And there comes Gopi and his men. Without your knowledge you will be followed by one of his men. In case, if you have hired a KINETIC HONDA, your batteries will be stolen while you have parked the bikes outside the temple/monuments. Off-course his men steal it. With frustration, you will either call him if you have his number or try to push vehicle to the destination (his shop) or call police.

    In either of the situation, he has a greater control over us. If you call him, two of his men will come and fix it up. You will be charged around Rs.2500 for a battery (While a normal battery cost only Rs.600). If you push the vehicle by yourself, well and good, you end up paying the same. If you call police to book a FIR, by the time you reach his place, you will find one a police men without uniform trying to panic you about the trouble you would face if you book a FIR. Towards the end, you are just another loser paying money for a battery stolen by Gopi and his men themselves.

    It’s better to avoid such shops. I again strongly emphasize not to hire any vehicle from GOPI Bicycle Rentals located near virupaksha temple. The feel of losing your hard earned money to a fraud is something dreadful. Beware guys.

  18. apoorva said

    thanks a lott.. ur blog helped us a lot.. now i guess our trip will be like a replay of urs.!!! thanks again!

  19. narasimha said


    OMG, all foreigners are using those rented bikes. Surely , they will get bad picture about Indians.

    The best i found is route from kampli to hospet. Its greenery is very beautiful.

  20. Is it okay to visit Jog Falls on July 19 or July 20? Will there be good amount of water?

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