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Paintball Game On

Posted by pabmohan on 27/02/2010

Writing after such a long time. I think twitter has ruined me. Anyway, I am back from “The 1st Corporate Paintball Championship of  Hyderabad. Always wanted to experience it after watching a video I guess in YouTube.  I have played the Laser Combat which is at Runway 9, but this was far far better. It feels real and yes it hurts also.

It all started when we got an email regarding the event and we have to play a virtual paintball on PS2 to qualify. I got 7 and with few others we were invited to the real game. It started around 3 PM (27 March 2010) with intro given by the organizers, the National team Paintball players, . They also showed us a demo game.

Basically there are two teams, you either have to eliminate all the opponent team members or capture the flag (in our case it was handkerchief, they forget to bring the flags). 1000 small yellow balls called the paintballs was given to our team. Fill your gun with them and you are ready. And yes these paintball hurts but its okay, not that painful, all of us were hit and have a red mark left :).

We named ourselves “Sonata Warriors” and were the first of teams to play. After wearing those jerseys we turned into real warriors :). Our first opponent was TCS, and we lost it. For me it was like “WTF is going on?” and suddenly one paintball hit my leg. I had almost hit 50 balls but didn’t hit the person I was aiming for. And before reaching the bunker my team-mates were already there to welcome me :D. Next match I am not sure with which team it was, but we won. Although I acted like a fool running in the open thinking only one of the opponent is left and I can hit him from close. Suddenly one them raised his gun as if he has just teleported himself to the bunker. He hit me almost 4 to 5 paintballs. One of them hit my arm and left its love mark. Anyway our other warriors were quick enough to hit them. Our last match was with Airtel. It was a great match. I was the only left and I guess they were either two or three opponents. So it was 1 on 3. One of them came running towards me, however I hit him before he could. I also took on other two. I am not sure if 1 on 3 or 1 on 2. After 3 matches We had 8 points. But the same Airtel won from our group as they had 11 points. DAMN!. Don’t know who is the winner. Infosys from group B played well, they had 17 points.

Anyway, it was great fun. And if we would have won, we had to purchase the paintballs which is Rs 2.50 per ball. (Didnt think that while wasting them on the battle field). I left after B groups matches. Dont know who won, will play again some other day.

Happy Holi. (I am confused here, when is Holi? tomorrow or on Monday?)


3 Responses to “Paintball Game On”

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  2. Jason said

    Heh, “ya it hurts” was my same initial impression also. Gotta love paintball. I play online at

    happy splatting

  3. xandra said

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    Hurry up! Have a blast !!

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