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Hyderabad Laptop Hunt Once again

Posted by pabmohan on 11/03/2010

I have been on the great Hyderabad Laptop hunt for the past few weeks, asking myself what do I want from the laptop. Although I don’t like Laptops and prefer Desktops. But as I am moving from Hyderabad, can’t take my desktop and roam around. Anyway my desktop is already 8 years old. It has P4 and only 756 MB RAM. So I thought let it be with my parents.

So, what do I what from my laptop,  as I like Desktops, it should be kind of my desktop  replacement which can be carried easily. It should be future proof meaning I should not say after 1 year at least that “Oh!! I should have waited 2 more months to get the blah blah feature”.  It should be able to handle latest or not so latest games ( I do play games occasionally  like counter strike, Serious Sam etc) I do have some games like COD 4 etc which does not work on my NVIDIA 7300GT 512MB card currently in my desktop.

So, after my research I wanted features like Intel Core I5, 4GB of DDR3 RAM, 500GB Hard disk (320GB was also okay), a good screen to watch movies (14 inch or 15.6 inch anything was fine for me),  last but not least, it should have dedicated graphics card which should have fair performance.   My budget was 35k to 45k. The configuration I was searching for was above 40k anyway. Regarding brands, I do like Lenovo and Acer. Other brands are also okay for me.

There are only a few laptops which satisfy my needs. Lenovo Y460/Y560Acer 5740G Sony Vaio CW series and E series and DELL Studio laptops. There is one in HP, but that is way too ahead in pricing.

Lenovo y460/y560 is still not launched in India, I have waited long for this one and when found that they are selling Y460 for 1049 dollars in US, I dropped the idea to buy this one. Sony VAIO E series VPCEB16FG/B is a good buy but it has i3 processors and its price is around 47-48k. This can be bought if we ignore the processor, everything else is great and anyway its a VAIO. Dell Studio 15 with 1 GB dedicated graphics card (5470) is good, but I personally don’t like DELL. The graphics card offered is not that good also for the price.

So finally it comes to Acer 5740G. There are different models in 5740 series, I am talking about Acer 5740G with Core i5, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 500GB hard disk space and 1 GB of ATI RADEON 5650 dedicated graphics card. Rest every normal stuff is available.

I bought this laptop yesterday for 43.5K at Acer Mall (IT park at Parklane Secunderabad) including the backpack. I guess I could have got it at 42.5 or 43k at least, but that Acer Mall person took advantage of the situation where stocks of this particular model was over. He took Rs 500 for that backpack which he previously said that it is free. I would recommend to avoid that Acer Mall. But this price is better that Croma or other showrooms. I asked it at Croma and they quoted 45k.

The laptop looks decent, the sample HD video looked stunning. It has numpad which is quite handy. Touchpad has multi gesture but I hate laptop touch pads, I prefer to use mouse. The keys looks delicate but are comfortable. It has 4 USB ports, bluetooth, HDMI port, card reader, DVD writer, webcam. It comes with Windows 7 Home premium 64 bit. Windows experience index is 5.8. I am yet to explore more. Following are some pics.

acer 5740G

acer 5740G

acer 5740G

acer 5740G

acer 5740G

acer 5740G


16 Responses to “Hyderabad Laptop Hunt Once again”

  1. Gaurav said

    Congrats for the lappie buddy, I am also in a kinda dilemma which l-top to buy, right now only two options are available in my budget bracket (50k) one is acer 5740g & sony vaio e (god give some brain to dell what a crap gfx card they r providing). But my instinct is saying to better wait for a month & i hope by then acer launches 5942g in india, it ll also cost ~50k, this is the model I am really waiting for, specs- i5,5650,backlit keyboard(one of my imp preference which keep me waiting for this particular model),dedicated media control(looks really awesome, do look at page 2 of the review to see it)

    Heres the acer 5942g review—15-6in-Laptop/p1

  2. Corei7 said

    Best Core Processor i love that . Thank for sharing

  3. Bikram said

    Cool. So, you got the laptop finally.
    I’m waiting for my replacement credit card to arrive. Can’t let go off 900 reward points on a purchase of 45k.. :p Also, hoping that Y560 will be launched in India in the meantime with a lower price. Just hoping… It has SSD HDD hybrid storage.

    About 5740G.. what is the button on the right side of the touchpad for? Multimedia keys are not there? Like, for play, pause, volume up n down? How’s the performance? Try 5-6 multitasking and let me know. Webcam picture quality is good?

    And oh… my main concern now a days. I’m also buying a new LCD TV. It does have a HDMI 1.3 port. So, I’ll be able to connect this laptop to that TV and watch movies and play games on TV screen, right??

    • pabmohan said

      I have heard that SSD HDD in Y560 is optional and if you opt for that it will be even costlier. I am not sure though.

      That button on the right side of touch-pad is touch-pad lock button. Dedicated multimedia buttons are not there. Check out Acer 5942G discussed above.

      Performance wise it is good. I have played COD4 and it ran smoothly and multitasking wasn’t an issue.

      Regarding HDMI I dont think u will face any issue. But do check out while purchasing the LCD TV.

  4. Bikram said

    The LCD that I’m looking to buy – LG 22LH20 – has 1 HDMI 1.3 port. But no VGA port. I think HDMI to HDMI should work fine. Even this laptop doesn’t have a VGA port, right? Or does it? Can you please list what are all the connectivity options we have on this laptop?

    Also, bluetooth is finally there, huh? Thank god.

  5. Sannidhi said

    Wish I could have posted this message before you bought but, there’s next time. Nevertheless, congrats on your new lapy. Well, following information might be useful to people like you so, sharing:

    Like you there are other buyers, so before you buy, seriously consider GroupNDeal – An online market place to help buyers to form groups and bargain collectively to save more. Please find GroupNDeal application in Facebook at or visit web site at On Facebook, GroupNDeal website page can be found at

  6. Sahil said

    i want to sell my NOT USED (just bought from USA) Y560 Lenovo, corei7, 8 gb ram 1333mhz, 500gb hard disk 7200 rpm.
    Laptop review

    contact me :

    • Does this one have the much touted Rapid-Drive technology and switchable graphics? And what’s the price you are expecting?

      BTW, @pabmohan, I’ve now bought the Acer Aspire 5745G. Same config as 5740G, just graphics card is nVidia and lid is better looking. Will write the review soon. Have posted the review of my new cell LG GD900 Crystal for the time being.

      • pabmohan said

        Nice, my 5740 is running very good, not a single problem yet, played call of duty 4 and it run super smooth….even the I have Matrix in HD, and it looked too good

  7. Amar said

    Acer Aspire 5745G I want to buy

  8. Acer 5745G said

    I bought this Acer Laptop model 5745G and this one is the really the best model available in this price category. My friend bought one from dell little above the price of this 5745g and he is not happy after he tested the performance of mine. This one is highly recommended if you are looking for a laptop with dedicated graphics card.

  9. ganesh said

    i want hcl labtops corei3 250gbhdd 3gbram 15″sreen

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