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Kapilash and Saptsajya

Posted by pabmohan on 05/09/2010

A planned trip is successful usually when it is not planned too early, and thats why I was skeptical  about this trip which was planned 1 month ago. But I was wrong. On the occasion of Janmastmi which was 1st September and was a Wednesday, we preferred to utilize the holiday given to us. Planning a weekend trip is usually difficult as all the Odiyas and Bengalis prefer going home here at Infy bbsr.

My trip mates were few of my new friends at my new Workplace. Beside me who is Partially Odia (My friend still feel I am not upto the mark to be perfect Odia), our group had 2 other Bengalis, Tirthankar the owner of A-Star the pilot and the thinnest of all and Sourav Datta Ray whom I call “Shodab”. Next is Abhijit Panigrahy a Pure Odia soul (Khanti Odia) as he still mix Odia in Hindi knowingly or unknowingly. Next is a Tamilian Pavalam Francis who was tired before starting the trip itself, and yes he is fan of Rajnikanth (well every tamilian is his fan).

We started at around 7 30 am, going from NH5 to NH42. I think we reached Dhenkanal the nearest town for our destination at around 10 am, which included breakfast at Chowdwar and a photo session. Dhenkanal is around 100km from bhubaneswar. Our destination Kapilash temple and Saptsajya are 25km and 15 km respectively from Dhenkanal but in opposite directions. We followed a simple route of NH5 and then to NH42.

On the way to Kapilash there is Sai baba Ashram which serves delicious food or prasad just like Jagannath temple of Puri. We booked our lunch and headed for kapilash, there is a Science park and a Zoo (Joo as per Abhijit our Pure Odia) at the bottom of  hill. Tirthankar the only pilot (I am trying to avoid the work driver as he gets angry 😉 ) had first time experience of driving on a hill and he drove perfectly. We stopped in between to enjoy and take pictures. My Nikon was begging me to use him, but now he must be a satisfied camera. We tried the jumping phenomenon 😀 learnt from my Vizag trip and special potrait pic coined by happy (My dear friend who thinks he has patent of that pose 🙂 ) After taking pics in all kind of pose we headed for top of the hill.


Kapilash is an ancient Shiva temple, I think build in 12th century. People have choice to either come by walking or come by vehicle. Not much of crowd was there, it is usually crowded on Shiv ratri and the season of Kawadias (people who bring holy water and put them on Shiva Linga).

But the place is ruled by monkeys, they will snatch the food items and they have no fear. After getting darshan Mr Abhijit encouraged us to go “DevSabha” which was some 3 kms still above the hill. And we were bare foot.


As per people Lav and Kush Sri Ram’s son were born here and there is a Valmiki ashram, but I dont know the truth. With pain on our feet (remember we were bare feet), we headed up, in between we were also attacked by a big fat monkey to take coconut from Abhijit hand. Seeing the monkey Abhijit just threw the coconut towards me, and with that the monkey also jumped, well I didn’t catch but that #$$##$ fat bandar was gone with the coconut. There is nothing much to see, it would have been a nice with our shoes.

But at the end of day it was a nice experience to remember. We reached back to car at around 1 30 pm and headed back to Sai Ashram.


The lunch served at Sai Ashram is similar to food or prasad available at Puri Jagannath Temple. Everything had a great taste and our hunger was making it more tastier. After a satisfied lunch we started for Saptsajya, another hill with Ram mandir and if we still go above a Shiv Linga.  We headed back to Bhubaneswar at around 6 pm and reached at around 7 3opm. The back journey was entertained by Sourav a bengali giving Odia lesson to Pavalam a Tamillian. He was saying “Just add “ANTU” “BHAINA” to any word it will become Odia 😀

Altogether it was a nice experience and good for one day trip. Planning the next trip has also started and the place chosen is “Bhitarkanika National Park”.


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