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Posted by pabmohan on 08/10/2009

It has been ages since I posted on my blog. One post is still in draft mode, I was trying to write my 4 years of experience in Sonata. But……I dont think so I could complete that or may be I will write about 5 years in Sonata :D.

Last two months had been quite busy, August was full of work. And September I was busy with Puja and shifting to my newly purchased flat.

To all those who dont know, I have purchased a small flat around 800 Sq Ft (2 BHK) at West Venkatapurum, Alwal, Secunderabad. Purchasing a property is very tiring, tedious and difficult job. Had to run here and there. The difficult part of purchasing a flat is bank loan, somehow everything got settled and I am now owner of a flat.

Had puja on 27 September and finally shifted on 2nd October. Commuting to office has become a bit easy (now 11 Kms) and got a good internet connection.



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Kaminey Review

Posted by pabmohan on 16/08/2009

Finally I got a chance to Faw a film Fo early, IndependenFe Day Fpecial Fhow at morning 8 30 AM. BecauFe of thiF timing only I could get the ticket. I became a fan of ViFhal Bharadwaj after Omkara, with the hope to Fee another mafterpiece.



I think the story iFnt that great, but every thing elFe iF great, liked the way each and every Fcene iF detailed with no fault whatever. Each and every actor haF acted to their beFt. EFpecially Fhahid playing Guddu and Charlie. ViFhal haF the ability to turn an actor into hiF character, I was stunned to Fee Faif Ali Khan’F acting aF Langda Tyagi in Omkara. LikewiFe Amol Gupte aliaF Bhope (jai Maharashtra) iF too good. New comer Chandan Roy Fanyal aF Mikhail looked aF if he haF done dozons of movieF.

Ftorie iF kind of bollywood Ftyle. Twin broF, one good one bad, good one haF girlfriend, girlfriend bro is evil, identity miFtake etc etc. But like I Faid everything elFe iF Fuperb. FongF are good eFecially Dhan te Tan with typical Gulzar lyrics. Dhan te Tan rules as ringtone in every mobile like mine.

The movie haF got 4 or 4.5 rating everywhere, but I would Fay it iF good but not too good or excellent. I would rate 3/5.

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Rayalaseema Ruchulu

Posted by pabmohan on 09/08/2009

This is second time I visited this Restaurant, where you get authentic Andhra’s Rayalaseema food. Both the time we went to Masab Tank branch. Other two restaurant are at Lakdi Ka Pul and Disukhnagar. First time visit was quite an experience for an Oriya and semi north Indian like me. Thanks to my teammate Mr Rachuri to guide and explain the food. The second time with my dear friends, I was in charge 😀

rayalaseema ruchulu

rayalaseema ruchulu

The food is unique, spicy, ethnic and authentic, something which one should give a try. Even the menu is unique, if you don’t know Telugu. Ragi Sankati comes first of the unique food which I never had earlier, it is kind of dark colored boiled cereal of ragi or Millet ( I am not sure whats that 😉 ). Some of other food which we tried and the names which I remember are Natu Kodi Iguru (Country chicken gravy or desi chicken), there was Natu Kodi Vepudu also which means dry Country chicken, Gongura Mamsam (Mamsam is goat meat), Jeedi Pappu Kodi (Jeedi Pappu means Kaju or Cashew) and rice. Natu Kodi was really tasty.

The ambiance is okay, heard that Lakdi Ka pul branch has better ambiance. The service was wonderful. Price is okay. One should give it a try. My rating 4/5

More info at there official link.

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Doga on Bollywood

Posted by pabmohan on 02/08/2009

I was quite thrilled and excited to hear this news, DOGA to come alive on Bollywood. Whoz DOGA? He is Super Hero character created by Raj Comics. Including DOGA Raj Comics has created a lot of Super Heros like Nagraj, Super Comando Druv etc. Druv being my favorite.



Well as kid I was kind of comics buff. Summer holidays was time of Comics, when we were allowed to read comics officially 😀 , and yes I have read comics in class room also using the trick of keeping it inside books. We used to save our pocket money to purchase them. Getting the latest released comics of your favorite superhero was kind of great achievement. Nowadays I dont see them being sold, especially at Railway stations where I used to purchase. I guess the kids these days are more into XBOX, PSP, IPODs.

As far as I know there were two rivals in the Indian Comics world, Diamond Comics and Raj Comics, Diamond Comics were having more witty characters like the Famous Chacha Chaudhary, Billu, Pinki etc where as raj comics was more into Super Hero concept. I used to read both Diamond and Raj Comics.

I used to think if DC Comics can why cant Raj Comics. And I still remember one of the comic “Super Comando Druv and Khuni Khilone”which I thought can be a great movie.

Regarding DOGA, I have read some of his comics, a Hero of Mumbai who can talk and is friend with dogs, a Gym buff and Adrak Chacha as his mentor. More about him here.

None other than Anurag Kashyap is making the movie. He only has the ability to make a movie like this. He had made some movies thinking out of box, like Dev D, No Smoking etc. DOGA is going to be Kunal Kapoor, atleast he will be main character of the movie.

If this concept works then we will see DOGA 2, DOGA 3…..and then some other Super Heros like Nagraj and Dhruv may also come to silver screen. Who might play the role of Nagraj?? Hrithik Roshan?? 😉 and Super Comando Drhuv?? hmmmm how about Akshay Kumar or Imran Khan (a third chance to be action hero after being flop in Kidnap and Luck 🙂 )

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Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs review

Posted by pabmohan on 21/07/2009

Finally and finally I got to see a decent movie after watching Kambhakt Ishq and Shortkut. I am a big fan of Animated movies and would rate it second best after Mr. Incredibles. Although we have IMAX at Prasads but why the hell they didn’t release 3D version. May be when Mumbai people will be bored of watching it in 3D it will come to Hyderabad. I had to watch it at Prasads multiplex normal screen.  But it was also a great experience. Most important when Rajeev Masand from CNN IBN gave 4/5 rating it was must watch for me. Only thing I cant understand is why Rediff gave it 1/5.


The movie’s animation is superb, the dialogues and direction everything is perfect. The film is funny from start to end. There are some great scenes like when Sid try to save the eggs, Deigo chasing the deer, Buck flying the flying dino and lot more. The dino world rendered is superb. The famous Scrat got his lovely Scratte and finally his love for nuts didn’t end.

But the main attraction was Buck one-eyed weasel, only one of its kind in the world of Dinos. The adventure begins when the usual gang tries to rescue Sid with help from Buck.

Hope to see Ice Age 4 soon, which seems to be story on Peaches daughter of Manny and Ellie.

And if you have already seen it enjoy these quotes.

I would rate it :55558

Please rate:

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Firefox 3.5 officially released

Posted by pabmohan on 01/07/2009

Here comes the latest firefox 3.5. Well as usual I am using it from its beta version.

firefox 3.5

firefox 3.5

And I am still trying to find any flaws. You may download it from this link. Mozilla says that it is fastest and safest firefox yet. Even I am checking Opera 10 which is in beta, where they are claiming that it is the fastest. But lets wait until it is officially released.

The major difference what we may see between 3.5 and the last official release are:

1. Private browsing:

This is also called porn browsing mode by some;) . This feature we have seen in Google chrome (The incognito Window). When we use this mode firefox will not save the history.

2. Tabs:

Here we may directly open a new tab. No need to go to file and select add new tab. Just click on the “+” and you will get a new tab.

Also found that there are two new features which looks good, which I will look into. First is support for open video format, is it that we need not download the flash player plugin?? or is it something else?

Second is location aware browsing, where with user consent the location of an user may be shared and location specific content may be rendered. Check out the release notes for more info.

Anyways the best part of firefox are its Add Ons, which makes it my fav browser. And I do use Chrome usually as it is google search friendly and sometimes I use IE as still a lot of websites renders and works properly only in IE.

Firefox is tweeting…..follow it.

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50000 hits

Posted by pabmohan on 29/05/2009






My blog has achieved a milestone of 50k+ visits after may be some 2 years of existence. I know there might be some place in wp-admin where I can find the exact start date, but…why to take that much of pain. In this time I have posted some 61 posts with scattered topics, that’s why my posts didn’t have any categories.

I Started as a casual blogger (m still a casual blogger) and most probably will still be a casual blogger. Somewhat I was inspired by fellow mate Chittu’s Blog and another motto was to have a name in this virtual world of internet. It seems I have achieved that. Googling pabmohan or pabitra mohan will give my blog right at the top.


I will sure post another 100k achievement post. 😆

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Bloging from phone

Posted by pabmohan on 14/05/2009

Checking out new wordpress feature of blogging by email..hope it attach the pic also


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Hooked to IPL season 2

Posted by pabmohan on 25/04/2009

IPL season 2 has started and like any normal Indian I am also hooked to IPL. It does sounds weired that Delhi, Hyderabad Chennai etc are fighting in South Africa. But more interest into IPL for me is because of a Fantasy game of of network 18.

Here one may make there own teams for each day and points and rank is given to you. Currently I am ranked 3806 (team name Pablo) with 13577 points as on 25 April. Hope to improve upon it.

deccan-chargersBeing a hyderabadi I would really like Deccan chargers to win. Last time I guess luck was not with chargers, but this time Chargers are fully charged and are roaring to go with the new looks the logo and new Captain Gilly. Symo is yet to join and that will create the strongest team. And it looks like Delhi Daredevils and Deccan Chargers will be into final.  Thats what my sixth sense is saying 🙂

One of the worst team management is the Sharukh Khan team the Kolkata Knight Riders. Ganguly has already suffered a lot of humilation by BCCI and now Shahrukh Khan is doing injustice to this great great player. You make him the captain and coach like Shane Warne and see KKR touching sky. Super Over by which KKR lost was worst decision by McCullam. Why would you give a spinner bowling when Yusuf Pathan is there. Anyway best of luck KKR.

Delhi Daredevils is where my favourite batsman is there, our Veeru. Rajasthan Royals I would say has the best 20-20 player, Yusuf Pathan. Luck is with Kings 11 this time, as some key players are missing. Mumbai s okay but I dont see it winning, so is Chennai super Kings this time.

But time will only tell who will win this time. And eagarly waiting for T20 world cup.

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Sanjeev Kapoor’s Yellow Chilli at hyderabad

Posted by pabmohan on 15/03/2009

After a long long time…here comes my new post…….

This Friday Sanjeev Kapooron the occasion of three of our team member being promoted (me as one of them 😆 ) gave lunch buffet party. Yellow Chilli was in our mind for quite some time. However being some what far from our office we decided to go for it because of Sanjeev Kapoor’s name. So at around 12:45 PM we started knowing only that it is somewhere in Road No 12 of Banjara Hills. Thanks to Panjagutta’s new flyover we reached Banjara Hills in some 10 to 15 mins. Yellow Chilli is quite near to Ohri’s Banjara. Anyway some how we reached there.

The exact address is:

TYC – Hyderabad
R S Square Hotels and Resorts Pvt. Ltd.
E 3 & 4, 4th Floor,
Kimtee Square, Road No 12,
Banjara Hills
Hyderabad – 500034


We were given one separate cabin and the ambience is quite okay. Kingfisher Beer or Mock-tails are served as Welcome drink. Mock-tail was so and so, okay type.For Beer lovers its a great deal. Soup was also okay. Starters were quite good. Even the food including veg and non veg were good. I was full with starters only so could not try some of the veggy items.

The best part was service and I found it to be best comparing all other restaurant I have been into.

My ratings

Ambience: 3.5/5

Service: 4.5/5

Food: 4/5

Overall: 4/5

Note: I am just sharing my experince of Buffet Lunch on 13 March 09. And this experience may differ from people to people. Do share your experience.

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