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Bike Trip to Puri konark

Posted by pabmohan on 15/05/2010

The day 8th of May 2010, it was Saturday and I was getting bored. It was cloudy outside and it rained on the night before, so it wasnt hot which was rare for the month of May. Around 11 am I called my Partner Mr. Subrat Sahani and said “Lets go somewhere” and we started without knowing our destiny after charging the batteries of my camera.

On the way we decided to go Pipili which is around 20 km from Bhubaneswar, on the way to Puri. Pipili is famous of its handicrafts works, but didn’t have any such intention to see them, we just planned to have our lunch there and come back. On the way we checked out Dhauli hills where the famous Kalinga War was fought. There is one temple and the Shanti Stupa. It seems that it is made by Japan government. After taking a few snaps we started again towards Pipili. By 2:30 PM we reached Pipili. We stopped by a dhaba which served the worst food.

Puri was just 30 km away,  after a quick thought we decided “Wonga lets Ponga” and by 3:30 PM we were at Puri. Had darshan of Sri Jagannath, Subhadra and Balbhadra bhagvan at world famous Puri’s Jagannath Temple.

This much distance and not going to Konark is like committing some sin. And I was already interested in the drive called Marine Drive. The road is nice which connects Puri to Konark. Both side of the road has mainly Cashew trees, for a few kms Bay of Bengal will accompany. We had a pit stop on the way and enjoyed the sea beach. Konark is around 40 more Kms from Puri.  Puri-Konark-Pipili makes a triangle, means we can directly go to Pipili from Konark.

Konark which has the famous Sun Temple is one of the main tourist attraction of Odisha. And after spending some quality time there we came back and reached bhubaneswar by 7 30 PM. It was nice trip, only problem was we were more comfortable standing than sitting. Hope you understand if you ever had such a long bike trip.


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