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Firefox 3 Download Day

Posted by pabmohan on 17/06/2008

Today i.e 17 June is Download day and the day when much awaited final version of FireFox 3 will be released. I was checking from the morning for the link to download it. However the news is its the download day for US, the download link will be up at 10 am (17:00 UTC) which means 10:30 PM India time.

The record of most downloaded will be set up by Firefox 3, as no other software or browser has that record. We Indians can download it tomorrow as the record is to set for most downloaded application in 24 hours from the time of its release.

Check the link to download Firefox 3. Other download sites like, fileHippo and softpedia are already having the link to download it.

People have pledged here to download it and set the world record, even I am one of them. Download it within 10:30 PM on 18 June and be a part of the world record.


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Mozilla Firefox Beta 3

Posted by pabmohan on 25/02/2008

Mozilla FireFoxI was a fan of IE 7 and was using IE from its beta release. I found IE 7 a lot better than its previous version i.e IE 6. As I didn’t use any other browser I liked IE 7 very much, the tabs, the feeds etc etc.

But after using Mozilla Firefox, I am hooked to it. I found it too good, I found it faster, stable and the thing I liked the most is the download option, where one can continue download after a pause or in case the browser gets closed you may start again from the same point.

However the stable Firefox 2 is available free of download, Mozilla Firefox 3 is in line and they have released the beta version: Firefox 3 beta 3. It is available for download here.

Firefox 3 Beta 4 is now available for download (click here).

FireFox 3 Beta 5 is now available for download (click here).

FireFox 3 RC1 is now available for download (click here).

Latest version is FireFox 3.0.3.

Lots of bugs has been resolved and the silent features:

  • Just start typing in the Location Bar to search your bookmarks and history. It adapts and learns as you use it.
  • Pause and resume your downloads, and search through your download history by file or website name using the new Download Manager.
  • Find out who you’re talking to by clicking on the website icon.
  • Experience the fastest Firefox ever — twice to three times as fast on today’s complex web applications like Google Mail or Zoho Office.

Worth mentioning here is the Opera Mini for Mobile phones. if you are bored of using default browser on your phone, one may download the Opera Mini 4. After using Opera Mini 4 you will never use the default browser of your phones.

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