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Ford figo

Posted by pabmohan on 02/06/2012

After one and half years of being owner of ford figo titanium diesel  I thoght lets give some pros and cons of it.

1) the ac is awesome. It can withstand the summer of bhubaneswar and when the knob is at 1 you can feel the chill in a normal day.
2) the music system. However not providing a usb cable and selling it for 1k odd is ridiculous. The bluetooth is great.
3) Price. I think the price and the features it gives for the price is very competitive.
4) there are lot of other small features which I love like boot opening can be done from the key button.
5) boot space. You get lot of boot space which I guess is highest in its class.

1) ground clearance. It gets hit even on those indian humps which are bigger than normal. To counter it I just got 3M under body treatment which cost me some 2800.


2) Power windows for rear windows. I dont understand why this is not provided even for titanium.
3) cost of parts. I guess the cost  parts are on higher side. The simple usb cable is 1k!


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