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Income tax filling 2010

Posted by pabmohan on 20/07/2010

I have been filling my Income tax returns for past few years, and paying those people who come to your office, they take our Form 16 and fill a form and they charge you from 100 to 300 bucks.

But this year I realized that we ourself can file the returns in Just Rs 5. Which is the cost of purchasing an envelope from any post office.

Income Tax department has given us power to efile our tax returns.

First keep your Form 16 provided by your employer handy.

Download the excel file utility from the following link: or if you are a normal tax payer i.e a salaried person who invest in saving instruments of 80c and 80D, may be having one Home Loan then download the ITR-1 excel utility from this link.

After downloading the excel utility, enable Macros, the steps to enable macros are there at the first worksheet or Home tab. Read all the instructions.

Now go to Income Details  tab, fill all the details taking help of your Form 16. All the fields are easy to fill. Only one difficult field is “Designation of Assessing Officer” here I filled TDS Assessment Range of the employer value taken from my form 12BA.

After filling all the required fields click on Validate button and then click the next button, similarly fill all details in other two tabs and validate. After that click on generate button, this will generate an XML file. NOTE if you have any refund to get, fill the correct bank name, account number and MICR code (this can be found on the cheque or just google it) in the third tab.

Now register yourself at the following link:

Then login at the following link:

One need to upload the XML file and then after uploading we will get the ITR V form, just print it, sign it and send that by normal post to the address mentioned in the ITR-V form. And that’s it.

In some day we will receive acknowledgement of the Income tax return on the email id we mentioned.

I got it in around two weeks.

I found that those online tax filing websites do the same. It is better we do  it ourself which is so easy.


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