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k550i to W610i

Posted by pabmohan on 26/08/2008

First of I would like to say that, here I am sharing my experience, and if anything goes wrong do not blame me!

And this post is to say a many thanks to Akshayy, whose tutorial has helped me to make my Sony Ericsson K550i Cybershot to W610i Walkman mobile. Now my mobile is Cybershot-Walkman mobile, which has the walkman capabilities and supports Flash. Just checkout youtube you may find a lot of videos where people are showing off their cool K550i@W610i mobile.

I did do the flashing long ago, following Akshay’s Tutorial in ThinkDigit, when I found that a lot can be done on my phone, I can change the acoustic drivers, the camera drivers, etc. But at that time I was able to flash the main firmware but flashing FS provided in thinkdigit gave me problem. The terms I am putting here can only be understood if you go through the tutorial.

Anyways this time I was successfull, I have updated my mobile with W610i Firmware and FS. My mobile has some cool Flash Menus, Flash Wallpapers and Walkman capabilities. Check out Akshayy’s site, I guess you will get anything related to flashing.

Note: One thing you will lose by flashing K550i to W610i, all the data, application and games will get deleted, so backup your phone, also camera won’t start when you open the shutter, however it starts from the phone menu. Also your warrenty may become void if you change the firmware.

Any quiries I would love to answer. (If I know 🙂 )


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