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Updated Nikon P80 Firmware

Posted by pabmohan on 01/01/2009

Updated my Nikon Coolpix P80 with the new firmware version 1.1. While googling my P80 I found the update at a Nikon site.

Please click here to to reach download page.

Also go through the instructions carefully.

Now my P80 has Firmware version 1.1.

Following issues has been resolved:

  • When
    shooting with the Vibration reduction item in the setup menu set to On,
    vibration reduction did not always function in the following
    situations. This issue has been resolved.

    • When
      the camera was turned on, or with recovery from standby mode (activated
      by the auto off function), with the electronic viewfinder display
      enabled by pressing the monitor button.
    • When
      the camera was turned on, or with recovery from standby mode (activated
      by the auto off function), with the camera connected to a television or
      other video device via the supplied audio/video cable (EG-CP14)
  • When shooting with the Distortion control option set to On, excessive correction was sometimes applied. This issue has been resolved.

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Nikon coolpix P80 proud owner

Posted by pabmohan on 02/08/2008

It has been around 2 to 3 months since I have this digicam, but could not write much as I didn’t check all the features of the camera. Still I need to explore all the features, but I guess now I am in a position to write few lines here.

Nikon P80

Nikon P80

Now on how I got to this cam, I can say for everything there are three categories, lower level, middle level and the higher level. in Digital cameras, there are those small, stylist and handy digi cams, the somewhat bulky but having more features prosumer (semi Professional) cams and those performance cams called the D SLRs. Anyway the first category of cams were out of the picture as I don’t like those personally, now in between prosumer and D SLRs, I thought SLRs might be too techy anyway they are costlier also, so I decided that if I am going to take a cam then that would be prosumer one. The inclination to prosumer cam was also because two of my very good friends have the same type of cam (Sony Cybershot H7).

So I was looking for an opportunity to buy  a cam, the moment came when I got to know that one of my friend is coming from US, so I started a hunt for the prosumer cams in all those online shops like tigerdirect, bestbuy. circuitcity and some other sites, in the meanwhile I got to know a great site called PriceGrabber, this one gives you the rating, the lowest price in any of the online shops in US and lots of other info.

Then I shortlisted 2 cams which I liked the most, the new Sony Cybershot H50 and Nikon P80, both are  quite new in the market. Both are great cams, only thing I went for P80 is because of more resolution(9.1-10.1) and more Optical zoom(15x-18x). However these are not huge differences. And Sony one gives a remote control.

Both have almost every thing a digi cam should have and also lot of mannual controls, having both more optical zoom and more resolution gives us good picture if we use digital zoom, I mean we can go beyond the 18x optical zoom without much issues with the pic. All the accessories required are there and I bought a carry case and 4 GB memory card which is more than enough.

Some of the pics are here. I will add more.

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