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No Smoking

Posted by pabmohan on 22/01/2008

No SmokingAhhhhhhh……….. never saw such a weired movie in my life. Concept is toooo different or may be the concept went over my mind. However I found it some what interesting till interval. I usually never miss a film in which Ranvir is there who is friend of John in this movie. At one time you may say what, why, where is happening :O

Baba Bangali (Paresh Rawal) is also great in his role. Cant imagine if a man can be that addictive to Sutta. It reminds me the Sutta song 😀 . They could have made the Sutta song the title track (never heard of this song, try googling 😉 )

However I did like this film, which was a utter flop. Do watch at your own risk.


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