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Firefox 3.5 officially released

Posted by pabmohan on 01/07/2009

Here comes the latest firefox 3.5. Well as usual I am using it from its beta version.

firefox 3.5

firefox 3.5

And I am still trying to find any flaws. You may download it from this link. Mozilla says that it is fastest and safest firefox yet. Even I am checking Opera 10 which is in beta, where they are claiming that it is the fastest. But lets wait until it is officially released.

The major difference what we may see between 3.5 and the last official release are:

1. Private browsing:

This is also called porn browsing mode by some;) . This feature we have seen in Google chrome (The incognito Window). When we use this mode firefox will not save the history.

2. Tabs:

Here we may directly open a new tab. No need to go to file and select add new tab. Just click on the “+” and you will get a new tab.

Also found that there are two new features which looks good, which I will look into. First is support for open video format, is it that we need not download the flash player plugin?? or is it something else?

Second is location aware browsing, where with user consent the location of an user may be shared and location specific content may be rendered. Check out the release notes for more info.

Anyways the best part of firefox are its Add Ons, which makes it my fav browser. And I do use Chrome usually as it is google search friendly and sometimes I use IE as still a lot of websites renders and works properly only in IE.

Firefox is tweeting…..follow it.


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Internet on your mobile

Posted by pabmohan on 16/05/2008

This piece of writing is most suitable to people having Sony Ericsson mobile with GPRS and having Airtel connection. Having internet on your mobile is quite handy and sometimes a great time pass especially for an internet addict person like me. Also it isnt that costly, 10 paisa per 10 kb download which is quite okay. Here I am talking about Airtel, dont know much about other providers, you may talk to Customer Care for futher or more information.

To set up internet first you need to have Airtel Live working. You may call the customer care and ask them to send you the setting, or you may send an SMS “MASALA ACTIVE” to 121, or set the following setting in Settings>>DATA COMM>>DATA ACCOUNTS>>New ACCOUNT>>(name it airtel live or whatever u want)


username: 91xxxxxxxxxx (ur mobile number, u may also leave it blank)

password: nill

leave all the rest of the things.

then go to Internet Settings>>New Profile

here set:

Connect Using: aitel live or the name u set in Data Comm

Use Proxy: Yes

Proxy Address:

Port Number: 8080

leave all other settings

Restart the phone.

Now Check if you can browse by connecting to Internet in the main menu.

Try connecting google wap site:

If everything is working try downloading the best Mobile phone browser Opera 4.1 from

This is the best application for mobile internet browsing.

There are several other application check out gmail and google maps application at, even there are other wap sites from google like ur favourite orkut especially made for mobile phones.

My other favourite applications are:

1. wap site from indiatimes

2. for tracking the share market.

3. CricInfo Mobicast a bal by ball cricket score update application

4. Yahoo wap site

5. to book movie tickets

6. Imobile application from 

There are several other great application. Will share in some other post.

Thought Opera you may browse even a regular website, its a must have. Happy mobile browsing.







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