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Five Point Someone

Posted by pabmohan on 09/06/2008

“Five Point Someone” by Chetan Bhagat….this is the story I just read, and I just loved each and every part of it. I know its quiet an old book to read, and heard a lot about it but got the chance to read couple of days ago. And guess what I liked it so much that a lazy Buffalo like me has finished this book in just two or three sessions. It is the first ever story for which I have laughed while reading!!. I used to think that idiots laugh while reading books, like reading chutkule from those Champaks.

The whole story is about three friends Ryan, Hari and Alokand their great experience in IIT. The story is full of fun and everything which makes one to carry on the reading. I will not say much about the story, if you haven’t its a must read. I am looking forward to read the next one “One Night @ Call Center” and just released “3 Mistakes”

Guess what a film is being made on the story and will be directed by “Raj Kumar Hirani” Munnabhai” director and other people going to be in the star cast are Amir Kan as Ryan, Kareena as Neha and Madhavan as Hari. This info is not 100% correct I found the info in a website. Hope the movie goes out well, but I think some fresh blood should be have been taken for it. They seem somewhat older to do those roles. What do you say. May be Imran Khan (cousin of Amir… Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na), Genelia DSouza, Shahid Kapoor etc would have been great for the film.


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