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Transform Windows XP to even better than Vista

Posted by pabmohan on 18/08/2008

I do like Vista mainly for its look and feel, but on my P4 machine, it is somewhat slow, and while browsing I found an application called WindowsBlind which is capable of changing the existing XP look. I used it for some days until I found Bricopacks, this has completely transformed my desktop, which I feel is better than Vista’s look and feel. I have installed Vista Inpirat 2, and it looks great, RocketDock which gets installed is what I like the most. You may try browsing through the site and may find a lot of interesting stuffs, like application to change your Driver Icon as it is in Vista, ObjectDock etc etc. It is not that hard on your system resources and uses the minimum Processor time and memory. Try it, you will like it for sure, and guess what it is free. Check out my desktop.

My Windows XP desktop

My Windows XP desktop


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